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Centralized External Examination Cell at UHS Bagalkot:

Centralized External Examination cell at UHS Bagalkot has been in operation since the academic year, 2014-15.  Eight Colleges of Horticulture spread across the state Karnataka are under the University of Horticultural Sciences, located at Bagalkot.  In order to bring uniformity in the students’ evaluation in the subjects taught, centralized final theory examination has been introduced. The examination will be conducted simultaneously at all 8 colleges under CCTV surveillance on the specified time and date with a common question paper.

Once the final exam for the day is over, all the answer papers will be sent to the main campus at Bagalkot. After receiving answer papers from all the eight colleges, papers will be shuffled and coding will be done. Thus shuffled and coded papers will be evaluated at the main campus by any five faculty members who had offered the courses at different colleges. Decoding will be done and verified the total marks and sent the final exam results all the colleges to notify in the notice boards. Any student can see the marks of any other students of the same or other college.

Photocopies of the answer papers will be given to the requested students on a nominal fee basis. Re-totaling of marks also will be taken up upon student’s requests. Re-evaluation of the answer papers will also carried out if a student feels not satisfied with the obtained marks. Supplementary examinations to the failed students will be conducted before the end of the next semester itself.  Finally, a marks booklet containing internal assessment marks and final theory exam marks will be prepared and sent to all colleges and a copy each to the registrar and director of education, UHS Bagalkot for documentation and reference.


Examination Time and Date Schedule:   Time and Date Schedules for final theory examinations will be sent at least a month in advance from the date of commencement to all the college deans to display in the college notice boards.


Key answers to the Questions:  Immediately after the completion of the day’s final examination key answers to the questions of the final theory examination will sent through email to all college deans to display in the notice boards to enable the students to check and verify their answers.


In Future: In near future, all examination related matters starting from registration to the course and checking the results will be made digital.

a)    Evaluation of answer papers will also be made digitally so that evaluators can evaluate the answer papers anywhere and anytime. This will save the time and money to a greater extent.

b)    Biometric student attendance will be introduced in near future.

c)     All internal examinations also will be conducted with common question paper from the central unit to make it uniformity in teaching of lessons and conducting practicals.

d)    Semester grade cards with security features for all the students will be issued from the central external examination cell for uniformity.

e)    Online checking of marks will be introduced.

f)   External theory examinations system will also be introduced to post graduate programmes.