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Variety developed and approved for release


Coriander DCC-46 :

• Selection : Guntur Local

• Duration : 95

• Season : Rabi

• Seed yield: 1303 kg/ha (56.8 per cent increase over check DWD-1)

• Seed color: Brownish yellow

• Drought tolerance: Moderate

• Pest and diseases: Moderately resistant


Drumstick- Bhagya (KDM-01)

Drumstick var. Bhagya is fast growing dwarf and self pruning plant canopy. It yields 17 to 20t/acre, disease and pest incidence is also less.


Capsicum - Apoorva (CP-40)

This proposed variety is superior over ruling capsicum variety California Wonder. It has better stability for growth and yield (12.61 t/ha) and has better quality attributes like vit-c content of fruit


Chilli - GCS/94-68

This proposed variety is medium erect plant bears height more than 70-75cm. Fruit length is more than 8-9cm. Leaves are parrot green in colour. Individual plant bears 122-180 fruits.It is tolerant to powdery mildew and minimum incidence of mites and thrips was noticed.


Chrysanthemum – Dundi.

It is a yellow colored semi double variety having very attractive round shaped flowers. It is medium tall in height and produces more number of branches and flowers with shelf life of 3-4 days. It is moderately susceptible to alternaria leaf spot.



This variety gives better nut yield (90 nuts/palm; 15,750 nuts/ha) and copra yield (2779 kg/ha). The oil content in copra is 67.2%. The oil contains 44.7 percent of lauric acid.


Hybrid Coconut - GBD X Fiji, GBDX PHOT & GBD X LCO

The nut and copra yield is higher in the cross combinations of GBD X Fiji, GBDX PHOT, GBD X LCO compared to Tiptur tall. These hybrids are suited for cultivation in maidan tract of Karnataka.


Black pepper- Adimane (Accession No.53)-

It is tolerant to Phytophthora wilt and high yielding (2.21 kg dry berry/ vine)


Garlic (AAS-2)

Crop duration = 105 (96 -110 days) short duration

Colour of clove = Pinkish

Cloves/bulb(No.) = 20.10

Bulb weight = 10.33 g

Bulb Yield = 69.79 q/ha


Sapota (DHS-2/1)

Growth habit: Tall & vigorous growing wide drooping branches.

Leaves: Light green, long and eliptic lanceolate.

Fruit: Oval-egg shape (2-3 fruit in cluster)

Friuit pulp: Soft and sweet (22-23% TSS) with light orange colour.

Keeping quality: good

Fruit wt : 75-80g

Average Yield : 251.3kg/Tree


Arecanut (A-1-266 and A-1-447)

Morphological characters

A-1/266 From Flat shape nut group A-1/447 From Oval round shape nut group
i) Flat shape nut i) Oval round shaped nut
ii) Foliage – Umbrella shape foliage ii) Foliage – Umbrella shape foliage
iii) closely resembles to Sirsi arecanut local (Stature) iii)Closely resembles to Sirsi arecanut local (Stature)
iv) Bunch- compact and synchronized maturity iv) Bunch- compact and synchronized
v) Bearing – Regular v) Bearing – Regular
vi) Nut Maturity period -230-250 days vi) Nut Maturity period -230-250 days
vii) Chali nut yield – 6.22 kg/palm (35.21% increase over Sirsi local) vii) Chali nut yield - 6.13 kg/palm (33.26 % increase over Sirsi local)

Varieties adopted (5 Nos)



Dinakar variety of fig is found suitable for cultivation in northern region. It yields 4.5 kg fruits per plant and quality was on par with Bellary (4.0 kg/plant) and Deana (4.0 kg/ha).



Bheema Shakti (45 t/ha) and Bheema red (40 t/ha) onion varieties showed better performance in northern region and are recommended for late kharif and rabi season.



Cultivar Sonata (80 flowers/plant), Ariana (73flowers/plant), Dombllance (70 flowers/plant) and Kyillian (69 flowers/plant) showed better performance in terms of yield and quality and are recommended for cultivation under naturally ventilated polyhouse condition.



Tropical Red (6 flowers/ plant), Xavia Red (6 flowers/ plant) and Acropolis White (5flowers/plant) varieties grown under shade house recorded maximum number of flowers and longer vase life (15, 16 &13 days respectively). These varieties are recommended for cultivation in shade house condition.



Among the different cultivars of gladiolus evaluated in the northern region of Karnataka, the cultivar Darshan recorded better performance in terms of yield (2 spikes per corm) and quality with stalk length of 85-90 cm, 15 florets per spike with vase life of 8 days, moderately resistant to Fusarium wilt disease. The cultivar is recommended for the northern region.