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  • High density planting in guava cv. Sardar.

    High density planting of guava cv. Sardar (2m X 1m, 5000 plants/ha) with sugarcane trash mulching recorded highest fruit yield (37.80 t/ha) compared to recommended spacing (6.0m x 6.0 m, 277 plants/ ha) mulched with sugarcane leaf which yielded 2.165 tons / ha of fruit yield

  • Standardization of optimum level of pruning in guava cv. Sardar.

    Under high density planting (2m X 1m- 5000 plants/ha) of guava cv. Sardar in 5 years old plantation, pruning of current season growth shoots to 50 percent of its length during third week of April, August and December resulted in production of higher fruit yield of 38.70 t/ha. 

  • Standardization of propagation techniques in fruit crops.

    The best month for soft wood grafting in Wood apple is August (80.7%) and September (80.46%) whereas August month is good for Karonda (52.38%) with maximum per cent of success.

  • Studies on seed germination in custard apple.

    Soaking of custard apple seeds in 400 ppm GA3 for 5 minutes before sowing helps in getting better germination (58%).

  • Studies on seed germination in Papaya.

    Soaking of papaya seeds, overnight in cow urine or 0.5 per cent potassium schonite and drying under shade for six hours before sowing helps in getting highest percentage of germination (92).

  • Effect of spacing and fertilizer doses on seed yield of fenugreek.

    Fenugreek plants spaced at 30 cm x 10 cm with recommended dose of fertilizer (50:50:0 kg NPK/ha) recorded higher yield (1500 kg/ha).