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Varietal Evaluation

  • French Bean Arka Arjun
  • Water melon Arka Akash
  • Mango Arka Udaya
  • Guava Arka Rashmi
  • China Aster Arka Aadya (Pink) and Arka Archana (White)
  • Banana Gandevi selection
  • Coriander Hissar Sugandh (long duration), GCr-2 and Co-4
  • Chilli SRS-2, SRF-7 and 0437-5-12
  • Sambar Southe Sirsi-1, BCMCO-04 and GR-3
  • Anthurium Xavia and Tropical
  • Turmeric Prabha, CLI-237 and Rajapuri
  • Mucuna Arka Ashwini and IIHR-3

Crop production

o Effect of Graded levels of fertilizers and Jeevamruta application on Onion and garlic

o Standardization of potting media for orchid cultivation

o Nutrient management in Chilli + Onion/Garlic – Cotton cropping system

o Supplementation of inorganic sources through organics to coleus

o Effect of Planting Geometry and Nutritional levels on growth, Yield and quality of Rose Cv. Charisma

o Effect of spacing and nutrients in Glory lilly

o A M Fungi for rooting in Jamun , Mango, Papaya and Lime Seedlings and fig cuttings

Weed Control

o Weed management in cowpea

Crop Protection

o Bio-efficacy of Thiomethoxam 25 WG against Mango hoppers

o Management of Pomegranate fruit cracking caused by bacterial blight disease using sulphate of potash

o Evaluation of Rynaxypyr 18.5 EC against citrus leaf miner and Butterfly in acid lime

o IPM of Brinjal shoot borer

o Evaluation of Panchagavya to garlic thrips

o Composting of Arecanut

Post Harvest Management

o Management of post-harvest diseases of banana